When Papa Mann took me to his hometown in England for the first time shortly after we were married, I made sure that I got to see all his baby pictures and home videos. If I'd considered myself baby hungry before this, I was starving afterwards. My husband's freckles across his nose and ridiculously sweet and happy demeanor had me picturing us with 10 kids. Then I had one and realized I wasn't a 10 kids kind of woman ;) but I sure do enjoy the 2 I have, each with their bits from their daddy.




Ever since I got pregnant, Lorelai has been talking about her "baby bruh-yah." She knew he was a boy from the start and was even the one who picked his name. She kissed and loved on my belly... But would she love a tiny screaming baby? Would she be resentful or apathetic? I thought it would be ages before she cared about his existence or wanted to play with him but I was so wrong... She really is his fairy godmother. She is his 2nd mommy. And he is madly in love with her.

Mama Mann


I resolve.

1. To not compete with the world and to teach my kids they don't need to either. You are you and that's perfect to me. 

2. To listen to Lorelai even when she's talking nonsense, because hopefully it'll keep her wanting to tell me everything.

3. To stop, breath and take a look around as often as possible, and realize how much I have already been blessed with.


mann cubs

I had just placed Owen down for his morning nap and by some miracle I didn't have anything on my to do list so I decided to use the time in the wisest way I know... I went to find Lorelai to get myself a snuggle. She makes my life so easy. When I need to put O down, she will just find something to do on her own. This time she was laying on my bed playing with the Ipad mini.

Being a mom is the coolest job around. I look at these pictures and suddenly being the person who has to unclog the garbage disposal (which ended up on my to do list about 20 minutes after this) seems a very small price to pay to get to hang out with these cool people all day. 

I love my little brood.